How to reduce spend & succeed by targeting inactive subscribers

Here’s the truth, as much as half your database is inactive – many will have been inactive for a long time. They’re unlikely to be causing any obvious problems for your business but they’re also unlikely to be adding value. But don’t panic, it’s not too late to turn your inactive subscribers into active customers….


How to organically grow your email list

By far the best open rates we see are from companies with their own data which they have grown organically as opposed to purchased lists. So, how do you grow your list with engaged subscribers who actually want to hear from your business? Here are some great ways you can grow your email list… Relevant…


Someone told me you’re the best in the business – getting customer quotes

Get a quote and win more business, it’s that simple. Referrals and word of mouth have always been fantastic marketing tools. However, they can be hard to predict and even more difficult to control. That’s where customer quotes can help. There’s nothing better than someone saying how great you are. It’s fairly simple to ask…


Setting CSS breakpoints in your responsive email

In our glamorous work here at NewZapp Towers, the Design Team have developed an ever-evolving process to keep getting the best results in all readers. This means staying aware of changes to the way email readers work so we can update our coding practices as necessary (I’m looking at you, Windows Phone and Yahoo! – and you…