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There's no greater power, than the power of Segments

There’s no greater power than the power of Segments

I’m slightly misquoting Madonna, but I don’t think she’ll mind as long as I don’t sing it. We’ve got a guide on how to make Segments, we’ve already blogged about the difference between Segments and Groups, so what more can I possibly offer you? How about “Why?”. Why change an ingrained behaviour of Grouping for…

Keep your subscriber database lean and mean

Keep Your Subscriber Database Lean and Mean

A healthy and well-maintained subscriber database will produce the best results for your marketing – but how do you keep on top of all those subscribers that you’ve selected from sources as varied as database imports, website sign-ups or even networking events? And how do you ensure you’re not throwing away good money on below-par…


Our Favourite Filter Combinations

When you’re searching for someone, you want to find them quickly. When you want to build a powerful Segment, you need precision. We’ve combined these two distinct needs into a single, simple set of tools: Filters NewZapp’s filter tags pack a lot of power into something so small and simple. Each filter tag has a…

Templates for all seasons

Templates for all seasons

Have you noticed the Seasonal templates tab in your account? NewZapp’s design team are always looking at ways to offer some extra help with your email marketing campaigns (and have an excuse to run amok with Photoshop!) So you’ll find a seasonal selection of free templates within every NewZapp account, available at any time of…

Why Email Content is like water

Why Responsive Email Content is like Water

You want to build great responsive emails that will not only look good on all those desktop monitors but also the various handheld devices nestling in pockets and handbags the world over. But how do you ensure you get the best results for your particular audience? Be they predominantly tab-happy Gmail glancers, near-constant mobile checkers…

Sharing your email campaigns on Facebook

Sharing email campaigns on Facebook

One of the biggest leaps in email marketing in the past few years has been the ability to offer social media sharing tools in order to reach a larger audience with every campaign you send out. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are currently the most popular. Here’s a look at what control you have over the way a shared…


Landing Page Journey

Business success, to a great extent, depends on the number of qualified leads.   Great Email Marketing can be the start of that business success. I think of it like a taxi, not to much information on it, just clear and concise indication to where ultimately you want them to go. You might be aiming…


How to SORT out your Email Marketing Part Two

So, where were we? In part one of How to SORT out your Email Marketing we tackled Spam and getting your emails Opened with good subject lines. Part two today and we’ll be looking at the global impact mobile phones have had in Email Marketing and how important targeting is to get the best results….

SORT out your email marketing

How to SORT out your Email Marketing

Have PowerPoint, will travel… My role as Sales Director has me up and down the country speaking at a variety of trade shows and exhibitions, wandering the land like an Email Marketing evangelist! Last month I was invited to speak at The Global Travel Groups annual conference in Dubai, after maybe one to two seconds consideration…


11 lessons football can teach us about email marketing.

11 lessons football can teach us about email marketing. Are we ready? Sweepstakes done? Sick notes written? It’s time for weeks of pretending to work whilst watching the football, mouse ready to close window whenever the boss floats across the room! Before we get deep into the crushing disappointment of another England failure or get…