Subscriber Management

Our subscriber management section features the tools you need to get the most out of your email marketing. Data segmentation, target filtering, custom data input and one-click suppression are just a handful.


Segmenting your subscribers helps you get better open and click rates. By narrowing your focus and sending campaigns to targeted subscribers, your recipients will find your campaigns more relevant, and relevant campaigns get better results.

Perfectly targeted segmentation, always up to date
Powerful email database filtering


Filtering is central to everything you can do in subscriber management. For example, want to send a campaign to everyone who opens your emails on a mobile device before 9am? Now you can.

Custom Tags

Every one of your subscribers is unique. On import we allow you to define this individuality with Custom Tags as you import data into your account, making them more accessible.

dynamic personalisation with NewZapp

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email list suppression

Email Suppression

Got a particular subscriber you don’t want receiving a certain campaign? Suppression is an ideal means to temporarily exclude anyone from your email campaigns.

Subscriber History

Each Subscriber has their own information card. This shows you all their details, what groups they are part of, the Segments they currently belong in and their entire send history.

unique subscriber history
the quickest data import system on the market

Express Import

One of the quickest data entry systems available today. Our Express Import processes all of your data safely & securely in-line with current G.D.P.R and UK Data Protection guidelines.

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